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Changes to our home loan fees

We’ve made changes to some of our home loan fees. These changes were effective from 1 December 2020.

The changes have been summarised below.

Home loans fees removed

Fee type Old fee New fee
Lump sum repayment administration fee $10 Removed

Home loans fees changed

Fee type Old fee New fee
Loan restructure fee - simple request* $30 $25
Loan restructure fee - complex request* $60 $55
Consent fee $50 $30

* Download the new NZHL Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 93KB) effective from 1 December 2020 for full descriptions of when each fee is applicable.

NZHL Home Loan documents

NZHL Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 93kB) – effective 1 December 2020

NZHL General Terms and Conditions (PDF 380KB) – effective 1 December 2020

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 195kB) – effective 17 December 2018

Mortgage Terms & Conditions (PDF 123kB) – effective 31 March 2018

Sample - NZHL Home Loan Agreement (PDF 107kB)

Sample - NZHL Deposit Assistance Home Loan Agreement including Terms and Conditions (PDF 70.3kB)

View previous Terms & Conditions and Brochures.

AEOI Self-Certification Forms

AEOI Self-Certification for an Entity Account Holder (PDF 125kB)

AEOI Self-Certification for an Individual/Controlling Person (PDF 88kB)

Interest Rates

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